Two Liquid Lipstick Favorites


Liquid lipsticks and lip creams are definitely having their moment in the beauty world right now. It seems like every brand and their mother has come out with some iteration of the popular form of lipstick. And so, though there are plenty others on the market, I wanted to share two of my more recent favorites.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina: My love of nude pinks that lean towards brown has not subsided and so, my lips have seen plenty of days wearing this particular color. It’s definitely quite a bit darker than other nudes (although, on darker skins it would probably suit them as a more neutral color) but it’s still not in your face. While you may need to touch up on occasion–the formula yields slightly to very greasy food–it for the most part stays put. And I will say, so many times that I wear this I get compliments and others asking what lipstick I’ve got on.

Sephora Lip Cream in Blackberry: I tend to wear this in combination with NARS Train Bleu but it’s also a really beautiful color on its own. Some of the Sephora lip creams aren’t matte and I would stay clear of those–one I bought had an unfortunate silver-ish glitter that was rather unpleasant. BUT their matte offerings (like the classic red shade that’s popular in the blogosphere) are absolutely amazing. This is a bolder color to be sure–you can see it on with NARS Train Bleu here–but I’ve fallen in love with it.

As with any liquid lipstick, it’s ideal to exfoliate your lips first in case you have any dry patches. But both of these have formulas that don’t make me feel like I have to layer on the lip balm for days on end after wearing. I will say the Stila is not as great when it comes to reapplying or gathering in the corners but that’s easy to remedy with a tissue (or your fingers to be honest).

These two liquid lipsticks have just further cemented my love (and appreciation) for this type of offering. L’Oreal and NYX have drugstore versions that are quite good as well for those on a budget!  Next up on the list? Maybe one from Kat Von D…Lily Pebbles just bought some and it’s of course made me want to go shopping.


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  • Claire

    Stila Patina is one of my all time favourites, I just love their formula! I’m just loving liquid lipsticks right now!
    xxx Claire

    • ambshunter

      It really is a great everyday color!