Stonehenge & Salisbury



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This past weekend, I went on a tour to Stonehenge & Salisbury with some fellow students.Stonehenge is about a two hour bus ride out of London, and Salisbury another 15-20 minutes away. While the location of Stonehenge is rather beautiful (save for the highway directly behind), the stones themselves are perhaps a bit anticlimactic. They were actually smaller than I thought they would be. Still, their historical value pretty much makes up for all of that. Definitely a location to check off the bucket list!


After stonehenge we headed to a nearby town called Salisbury to see the Salisbury cathedral. When we got there, my friends and I first went to lunch at a pub called the King’s Head Inn. I opted to get a burger instead of steak & ale pie this time (though I had a quick bite of my friend Jess’ and it was delish) and of course, a pint of guinness. Looking at that burger now is making me hungry–you can’t really see it but there’s a fried egg on as well. Maybe not the most health friendly but it was the weekend after all. (I try to eat healthy during the week to allow for treats like that burger–and, honestly, the beer as well).

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After we were full of food and energy, we walked along the streets towards the Salisbury cathedral. It really is a sight to behold. The main spire is the tallest in Britain, I believe, and all the details in the gothic architecture are stunning. And it’s a huge building. This is one of those instances where pictures really don’t do the building justice. If you love architecture–or small British towns–it’s definitely worth taking a trip to Salisbury. And hey, since you’re just a stone’s throw away (couldn’t resist the pun, apologies), may as well visit Stonehenge too.

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