A Case of Wanderlust

A Case of Wanderlust


As with most spending a semester abroad, I’ll be taking advantage of being in the UK and so close to the European mainland to do some traveling. I’ve also had developed a case of wanderlust and it’s only grown since I’ve arrived in London. I did have a bit of reality check though–I will definitely not be able to visit everywhere I would like to. Just a reason to come back, no?  After rearranging my schedule quite a bit, I’ve come up with a (hopefully) definitive list of some of the places I’ll be going.


The Travel List


Colchester, Oxford, Cardiff, York, Brighton, Vinna


Scotland, Amsterdam, Paris,


Santorini Greece (already booked–eek!)


Munich, Prague, Budapest, Paris & Southern France

Looking at it all laid out, I’ve realized it is quite a list. It’s hard for me not to shake my head at myself when I realize how many places I originally had listed to visit. I tried to pick places that would be wallet friendly but when I was laying out my budget, I realized I’d be spending just about all the money I saved up for this semester. But I guess that was the point, wasn’t it? I’d much rather spend on experiences rather than things. (Although I’m sure I’ll come home with a few things as well–I don’t have that much self control).

Ah well, I truly think I’ll always want to travel and experience things. It’s probably accurate to say that this “case” of wanderlust is a permanent one.

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